[SALES] Panasonic NA-120VX6 Washer Fl 10.0Kg Active Foam Stain Master Blue Ag+ Econavi Inverter

Capacity 10.0kg / 1,200 rpm ActiveFoam System with Fast Wash Double Hygiene

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Superior Fast Wash & Double Hygiene
ActiveFoam System with 49 min. Active Speed Wash Blue Ag+ and Hygiene 60°C/90°C

Lifts Stains Away Fast with Fine Foam
- Fast washing in just 49 min with fine, high-density foam.
- Panasonic's ActiveFoam System delivers optimum washing performance even in a shorter time. It gives you more time for the important things in life.

* At half load. Active Speed course. The level of foaming depends on conditions such as load size, degree of soiling, detergent type,
and water pressure. However, there is no change in washing performance.

Superior Fast Wash
- Active Speed Wash realizes speedy wash and superb wash result.
- Highly concentrated foam penetrates deep into fabrics and wraps around stubborn stains to lift      off dirt.
- This is how stains are washed away cleanly and quickly with the ActiveFoam System.

Benefits of ActiveFoam System
1. Clean results
A rich foam is created to maximize surfactant performance for powerful washing

2. Fast Penetration
Fine & dense foam makes easier to penetrate clothes to quickly remove dirt.

3. Less undissolved detergent
Detergent is turned into foam before washing, so less undissolved detergent becomes attached to clothes.

Intensive Stains Removal
StainMaster+ easily removes stains with the turn of a dial through a combination of finer foam and the ideal water temperature.

Double Hygiene with Cold / Hot Wash
- Panasonic Washing Machines provide 2-way sterilization for all your needs.
- Blue Ag+ cold wash hygiene for bacteria elimination and 60˚C/90˚C hot wash hygiene for allergy     care.

99.99%* Allergen & Bacteria Elimination for Delicate Skin
Washes clothes with 60˚C/90˚C water to keep laundry extra hygienic by removing bacteria and common household allergens that irritate sensitive skin. Also prevents bad odors.

*Panasonic in-house testing result.

Eliminate Bacteria with Cold Wash Saves Energy
Eliminates 99.9% bacteria from laundry without hot wash through Blue Ag+. This innovative hygiene technology combines silver (Ag) ion and UV light for sterilization effect. It saves electricity while washing most washable clothes with less color fading & shrinking.

*Up to 3kg load.

99.9%* Bacteria Elimination
Blue Ag+ eliminates 99.9% bacteria. This outstanding sterilization effect has been certified by a reliable third party organization.
*Up to 3kg load.

Save Energy & Save Time
Cold wash hygiene uses less power and saves time compared to washing with hot water.

Less Fading, Less Shrinking
When washing most washable clothes with Blue Ag+, there's less color fading and shrinking. Recommended for delicate clothes, knitwear such as sweaters, and colorful clothes.

Energy & Water Saving with Advanced Technology
ECONAVI detects water temperature, wash load amount, laundry material and automatically adjusts operation to save energy, water, and time by eliminating waste.

Automatic Eco-friendly Operation
ECONAVI's three intelligent sensors automatically detect conditions of your laundry to provide optimum electricity-saving, water-saving and time-saving operation.

Advanced Washing with INVERTER
The INVERTER changes tub rotation smoothly to ensure efficient, quiet operation.

Stylish Design
LED control panel is not only easy to read and operate, but also stylish. Sophisticated look to enhance your living space.

Versatile Washing Courses (some of the courses are as indicated below)
Cotton / Cotton Eco
For daily items of cotton,linen and cotton blends, Cotton Eco is a power and water saving course.

For heavily-soiled clothes.

Quick 30
30 min. quick wash for lightly soiled cotton and linen blends.

StainMaster+ Mud
Removes mud stains efficiently by soaking clothes in warm detergent solution.

Washes chemical fibres gently.

For blended fabrics, e.g. cotton, linen, and synthetic fibres.

Rapid 15
15 min. full rapid wash for a small amount of lightly soiled items.

StainMaster+ Oily
Removes oily sauce stains efficiently by soaking clothes in warm detergent solution.

For underwear and machine washable silk clothes. Gentler than the Wool programme.

For large items such as blankets, curtains and bedspreads.

Tub Clean
Cleaning the drum.

StainMaster+ Collar/Sleeve
Removes stains of collar and sleeve stains efficiently by soaking clothes in warm detergent solution.

Capacity 10.0kg / 1,200 rpm
Stylish and user-friendly design
ActiveFoam System with Fast Wash
Lifts stains away FAST with fine foam
Double Hygiene
Blue Ag+ cold wash hygiene for delicate clothes and 60˚C/90˚C hot wash hygiene for allergy care

Loading Capacity (Wash) 10 kg
Basic SpecificationSpin Speed (max.) 1,200 rpm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 596 x 560 x 845 mm
Weight 66 kg
Voltage / Frequency 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Door Opening Angle 135 ̊
Drum Opening Size 310 mm
Control Panel Type LED Display
Body Color Silver
Wash FeaturesActiveFoam System Yes
Active Speed Wash Yes
3D Sensor Wash Yes
Blue Ag+ Yes
Hygiene 60 ̊c / 90 ̊c Yes
ECONAVI Laundry load sensor
ECONAVI Water temperature sensor
ECONAVI Laundry material sensor
Inverter Yes
Convenient FeaturesChild Lock Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Silent Arch Design Yes
Guidance Function Cycle end buzzer
Delay Start (Time Delay) Yes (24 hours)
Drain Pump Yes
Main ProgramsNumber of Programs 16
Cotton Yes
Cotton Eco Yes
Synthetic Yes
Delicates Yes
Soak Yes
Mixed Yes
Bedding Yes
Active Speed Yes
Quick 30 Yes
Rapid 15 Yes
Hygiene Yes
Tub Clean Yes
Mud Yes
Oily Sauce Yes
Collar & Sleeve Yes
More Information
Gross Dimension - With Packaging - Height (mm) N/A
Gross Dimension - With Packaging - Width (mm) N/A
Gross Dimension - With Packaging - Length (mm) N/A
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