Panasonic CS-XU10UKH/CU-XU10UKH Air Cond 1.0Hp Premium Inverter Aero Series Gas R32 Btu 9550

Premium Inverter Aero Series Conditioner Nanoe X Nanoe G Odour-Removing Functin Removable, Washable Panel iAUTO-X ECONAVI Temperature Wave Inverter Control

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Premium Inverter Aero Series Air Conditioner

At Panasonic Air Conditioners, we want to deliver more than just cooling or heating solutions. We want to create Total Air Solutions that let you enjoy Quality Indoor Air.

We improve the Quality of Air, so you can improve the Quality of Life [Quality Air of Life]

AEROWINGS (Shower Cooling and Direct Cooling), nanoe-X, nanoe-G. Inverter, ECONAVI, R32 Refrigerant. 5-Star Energy

We care about the food we eat, and the water that we drink; But what about AIR?

It's important to take care of the ONE thing we consume the most....

We improve the quality of air, so you can improve the quality of life

Panasonic Air Conditioners deliver more than just cooling or heating solutions.
We want to create Total Air Solutions that improve indoor air quality, for healthier and better living.

Expanding the nanoeTM World in Japan - 24/7, Anytime, Anywhere

Increasingly adopted in a wide range of industries such as railway, automobile, hotel and hospital.
Panasonic is committed to the improvement of air quality with nanoe Technology.

Panasonic's Most Advanced Air Purification System

Air pollution isn't just an outdoor concern.
People are spending more time indoors, making indoor air quality a more serious issue than most people realise.

Panasonic's nanoeTM Technology is a revolutionary air purification system that deodorises, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses; and is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment.

Panasonic's nanoeTM Technology is a revolutionary air purification system

Panasonic's nanoe Technology is deodorises, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses; and is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment.

nanoeTM X deodorises odours and stenches, so you can enjoy a more pleasant living space.

nanoeTM X inhibits growth of allergens, bacteria and viruses, keeping your home clean for your children.

nanoe-G effectively removes dust particles as small as PM2.5. Purify your living environment for better breathing.

nanoeTM X - Turn Your Living Space Into A Fresher and Cleaner Space

Panasonic's latest innovation nanoeTM X helps you deodorise, inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses that are harmful to you and your family's general well-being.

The latest nanoeTM X device uses a "multi-leader discharge" system that focuses the discharge to 4 needle-shaped electrodes, greatly expanding the OH radicals generating area to produce 10x times more OH radicals, and thus significantly enhances its performance.

nanoeTM X - Deodorises 5 Common Odours* Better and Faster

nanoeTM X particles, which are smaller than steam particles, easily infiltrate deep into fabrics where they attack bacteria and substances that cause odours, which will then speedily be removed to a hardly-noticeable level.

* Actual effect differs according to room condition and the way of use. nanoe and nanoe X have a function to inhibit activity or growth of viruses, etc. but do not assure infection prevention.

nanoeTM X - Inhibits Major Allergens, Bacteria and Viruses

nanoeTM X now with significant increase in the number of OH radicals can further inhibit and control the spread of major allergens derived from mites, animals, insects and fungi.

nanoeTM X - Fresh Air is The Key to Health and Happiness

Our senses are assaulted by offensive odours from a variety of sources, such as food and pets. nanoeTM X reaches deep into fabrics, deodorises strong and unpleasant odours; and freshen up your living space.

nanoeTM X - Clean Air, Healthy Body, Happy Mind

Our living spaces are filled with all kinds of allergens, such as house dust mites, fungi, and pet dander. House dust mites, the most commonly found allergen is said to be the main cause of allergy and asthma disease. nanoeTM X inhibits allergens, bacteria and viruses on fabrics and surfaces, so you can enjoy living in a cleaner home.

nanoe-G - Live in A Breath of Clean Air

We breathe in large amounts of unseen bacteria, viruses, mites and mould circulating in the air or adhere to surfaces every day.

nanoe-G air purification system removes microorganisms and dust particles as small as PM2.5 from the air by trapping them in the filter for deactivation. Purify your living environment for better breathing.

* Airborne pollutants sized at less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) can easily enter into our lungs, posing potential health risks. These particles include bacteria, viruses and mould.

nanoe-G featuring DUST SENSOR

SKY Series Air Conditioner also features an additional DUST SENSOR, which constantly monitors air quality and automatically activates nanoeTM Technology when a high level of dust particle concentration is detected.

The DUST SENSOR is constantly monitoring particle concentration levels in the room
- When particle concentration level is safe, the indicator on the LED Panel is white.
- When particle concentration level is high, the indicator light turns red, nanoe-G switches on to purify the air.

nanoeTM X - Purifies Even When Cooling is Off

nanoeTM Technology is able to operate even when the cooling is off, so it can continue to purify and deodorise your home while you're away.

You don't have to worry about the hefty electricity bills as it only consumes a minimum amount of energy (only 25W).

Comparison between nanoeTM, nanoeTM X, nanoe-G


AEROWINGS twin flaps angle downwards to deliver concentrated airflow to cool you instantly at start up.


AEROWINGS angles upwards to spread cool air over a wider area, then showers down gently and evenly across the room after reaching the set temperature.

Shower Cooling - Cool Comfort From Above

Panasonic Aero Series Air Conditioner uses AEROWINGS to send concentrated airflow across the room, cooling you gently from above

Stay cosy and relaxed in your living space without the constant cold blast to your skin and body. Say goodbye to excessive cooling.

Shower Cooling - Concentrated Airflow, Further, Faster

The AEROWINGS is controlled by 2 independent motors and dual independent flaps. Airflow is delivered at a faster pace, spreading further at a concentrated level.

(1) 2 Independent Motors
Control the Sub-Flap and Bigger Outer Flap separately.
(2) Sub-Flap
Compresses and concentrates cool air.
(3) Bigger Outer Flap
Helps to deliver airflow further.

(Aero Series)

Panasonic Aero Series Air Conditioner's AEROWINGS twin flaps direct concentrated airflow downwards, delivering powerful cool air to cool you in the shortest time possible.


Be Greeted with A Blast of Cool Air

Together with the high-powered Inverter compressor technology, P-TECh, SKY Series and AERO Series can cool you down in the shortest time possible. P-TECh gives you powerful cooling the moment the air conditioner is switched on.

P-Tech enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up, giving you powerful cooling the moment the air conditioner is switched on.


The AERO SLIM design features sleek lines and graceful curves while the lustrous pearl finishing and chrome escutcheon exude a sense of luxury.

AEROWINGS are flexible twin flaps that can direct and concentrate airflow to cool an area effectively. These flaps are able to channel and concentrate cool air upwards, which showers down over the room for gentle and even coolness - SHOWER COOLING.


37mm slimmer than previous models.

Classy tone with a soft, pearly glow.
Chrome escutcheon with a sense of luxury.


Energy Saving and Precise Temperature Control

Panasonic's INVERTER reduces power consumption by varying the speed of the compressor according to temperature changes with the aim of minimising the temperature fluctuations so you can enjoy consistent cooling comfort.


Micro computer determines the most suitable operation mode as time passes and automatically adjusts output power for maximum comfort always.


P-TECh enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up, giving you powerful cooling the moment the air conditioner is switched on.

ECONAVI - Enjoy Ultimate Comfort With Energy Savings

ECONAVI is a high-precision sensor technology that detects where energy is usually wasted and adjusts cooling power according to room conditions and activity levels.

ECONAVI has two sensors - Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor. Together, they monitor human location, movement, absence, and sunlight intensity to use energy more efficiently.

R32 Refrigerant - Sustainable Refrigerant

The commonly used refrigerants in air conditioning system contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions and ozone depletion, consequently putting our environment at stake.


1) R32 has higher cooling capacity thereby increases heat transfer efficiency.
2) It consumes less energy, helping you to save on electricity costs.
3) R32 also has zero impact on the ozone layer, therefore it’s friendly to the environment.


Our R and D focuses on ease of use, and our history of rigorous quality control is unmatched in the industry. As a result, with more than 50 years of experience, Panasonic has sold over 70 million air conditioner units in Japan and around the world.


Checking the oil condition inside the compressor under various extremely cold and hot conditions. An operating durability test is conducted in a high-temperature, high-humidity test chamber at a temperature of up to 55C and a low-temperature test chamber down to 20C.


Sunshine simulation. An air conditioner is operated in a test room simulating a living room testing cooling speed, cooling efficiency, and temperature and humidity differences throughout the room.


The operating noise of the indoor and outdoor units is measured in a high-performance anechoic chamber. The noise test verifies that the operating noise is low enough to allow the user to talk and sleep comfortably while the product is operating.


Potential problems are checked by tests such as showering the unit for a predetermined amount of time. Contact sections on printed circuit boards are also resin-potted to prevent adverse effects caused by an unlikely exposure of droplets to water.



Indoor (50Hz) CS-PV12TKH
Outdoor (50Hz) CU-PV12TKH

Cooling Capacity

(min-max) kW 3.52
(min-max) 12,000

Electric Data

Voltage(V) 230
Running Current (A) 5.0
Power Input (W) 1090

Moisture Removal

L/h 2.0
Pt/h 4.20

Air Circulation

Indoor m/min 10.1 (365)
Outdoor m/min 33.3 (1180)

Noise Level

Indoor (H/L/Q-Lo) (dB-A) 41/29
Outdoor (H/L) (dB-A) 52

Indoor Dimension

Height(mm) 290
Width (mm) 799
Depth 197

Refrigerant Pipe Diameter

Liquid Side (mm) 6.35
Gas Side (mm) 12.70

Pipe Extension

Chargeless Pipe Length (m) 7.50
Maximum Pipe Length (m) 20
Maximum Elevation Length(m) 15
Additional Refrigerant Gas (g/m) 10
More Information
Gross Dimension - With Packaging - Height (mm) N/A
Gross Dimension - With Packaging - Width (mm) N/A
Gross Dimension - With Packaging - Length (mm) N/A
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Installation Service Charges

  • 1.0HP - RM230
  • 1.5HP - RM270
  • 2.0HP - RM310
  • 2.5HP - RM370
  • 3.0HP - RM470

What is Included?

Our Standard Installation including up to 10ft copper piping to install air cond. If more than 10ft piping will charge extra costs.

Additional Charge (Directly pay to the installer)

  1. Extra piping will be charged RM20 per foot.
  2. Extra wiring, trunking or conceal work will be charged separately.

Installation Coverage Area

Our installation only cover within KLANG VALLEY area.