Meat Mincer

Electric Meat Mincer Machine In Malaysia

An electric meat mincer machine is a kitchen appliance used to finely chop, grind, mix or mince raw or cooked ingredients, ranging from beef, chicken, fish and much more. If you’re wondering why you need an electric meat mincer to prepare your food, here are just a few of numerous advantages.

  • It’s safer than using readily minced meat. For example, pre-packed beef can contain meat from hundreds, even thousands of animals, and not necessarily from the nicest bits. Chances of contamination are higher; making your own with a mincer machine helps you mitigate those risks.
  • It helps you create better flavours. Unless you have a good, regular butcher, you’re left with whatever minced beef the supermarket can offer. Oftentimes, you know very little about the contents of readily minced meat. Grinding at home gives you control over what goes into your food, such as fat content, more of which could make burger patties much tastier.
  • It offers greater texture. Pre-ground meat sits in its packaging that gradually oxidises and compresses. Grinding on your own allows you to keep your meats nice and loose, enhancing texture and moisture levels.
  • Electric meat mincer machines are great upgrades over tools like the mincing knife. By changing the hole-plate, it is also possible to produce breadcrumbs or fill sausage casings. TBM carries top-of-the-line meat mincer machines in Malaysia, some having special features such as hygienic stainless steel grinding discs, motor protection devices and self-feeding tubes for effortless mincing. Search our online store for the best meat mincer machines in Malaysia.

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