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Dish Washer Machine In Malaysia

It’s a rare person who enjoys standing over the kitchen sink, hand-scrubbing dirty dishes. To that end, dishwashers can offer a massive convenience factor to your daily life. This is especially true for working professionals who wish to buy more time to do the things that really matter. Let’s examine the top benefits that we can reap by owning a dishwasher machine in Malaysia.

  • Ensures Safety: Dishwashers can guarantee the safety of your fancy dining sets and glassware. Additionally, the risk of cutting yourself on a broken shard is completely mitigated.
  • More Sanitary: Dishwashers assure that your dishes are fully cleaned and disinfected. This is a more effective and healthy method of cleaning—compared to hand washing—as it involves heating dishes to approximately 60°C.
  • Saves Time: All the time you spend on dirty dishes can really add up. With a dishwasher, you only need to place the dishes inside, choose your settings and let it run, allowing you to either attend to more pressing matters or pursue your hobbies.
  • Stay Organised: When you throw a party and have guests over, you want your kitchen to be clutter-free from piling, dirty dishes. Simply throw your kitchenware into the dishwasher and forget about them for the evening.
  • Eco Friendly: Dishwashers require a minimum amount of water and electricity to get the job done. Plus, there are various dishwashing detergents on the market that contain little to no phosphate.

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  1. Electrolux ESF6010BW Compact Dishwasher 8 Iec- Setting
    was MYR2,979.00 Special Price MYR2,119.00
  2. Panasonic NP-TR8HQMY Dishwasher
    was MYR3,069.00 Special Price MYR1,999.00
  3. Elba EDW-B1462D(SS) Dishwasher 14Place Setting Ss
    was MYR4,959.00 Special Price MYR2,949.00
  4. Bosch SKS62E22EU Dishwasher Compact 6 Place Settings
    was MYR3,199.00 Special Price MYR2,599.00
  5. Electrolux ESF 5206LOW Dishwasher 13 Plate Setting
    was MYR4,229.00 Special Price MYR3,099.00
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