Electric Grill In Malaysia

More people are adopting healthier lifestyles and it has become very apparent in their daily eating habits. Also on the uptrend are electric grills, which have steadily increased in popularity as people are realizing that grilled food is a healthy option. TBM offers some of the best electric grills in Malaysia, which boast an array of benefits.

  • Save Money: Going through tanks of gas can amount to quite a substantial cost. You will need to continuously replace the gas tanks or connect to a gas line. With an electric grill, you are able to cook for a fraction of the price in the long run.
  • Healthy Food: Grilled food generally contains much less grease than fried food. Grilling lean cuts of meat is a great way to avoid cancer causing compounds.
  • No Fumes: A huge advantage of electric grills is that you need not worry about dangerous fumes. This is extremely favourable for grilling indoors. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about propane grills.
  • Convenience: There is little to no prepping, simply plug it in and start grilling. Electric grills are also typically much more compact—compared to their traditional counterparts—saving you a lot of space.
  • Quick & Powerful: Electric grills usually only require a few minutes to heat up completely. This is perfect for people with tight schedules but still want to eat healthily.

Visit our online store today and choose from a collection of the best electric grills in Malaysia.

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  1. Sharp R613CST Mwo G20L 800W Grill 1000W
    was MYR329.00 Special Price MYR239.00
  2. Sharp R954AST Mwo G42L Convection Infrared Grill
    was MYR1,299.00 Special Price MYR819.00
  3. Panasonic NN-GF574M Mwo G27L Inverter Grill Flat
    was MYR959.00 Special Price MYR939.00
  4. Samsung MG23H3115GK/SM Mwo G23L Grill
    was MYR559.00 Special Price MYR485.00
  5. Philips HD6321/21 Table Grill 2000W
    was MYR499.00 Special Price MYR279.00
  6. Sharp R854AST Mwo 32L Convection Infrared Grill
    was MYR1,099.00 Special Price MYR699.00
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