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Kitchen Cooker Hood Brand In Malaysia

If you cook regularly on your kitchen hob, you will know that your kitchen air gets polluted while doing so. This is because heating food to its cooking point causes some of its moisture to evaporate. Some cooking methods, such as searing a steak on a hot pan, can produce a lot of pollutants. The collective of hundreds of cooking sessions will inevitably be damaging to your health, property and enjoyment of cooking. Fortunately, TBM provides the best cooker hood brands in Malaysia, which can clean air as you cook and much more.

  • Better Air Quality: Perhaps the primary function of a cooker hood—they are designed to remove odours, grease, smoke and all sorts of pollutants that are released while you cook.
  • Remove Excess Heat: Whether it is hot air coming from your hob or smoke from your food, a good cooker hood will suck away most of it to keep you comfortable.
  • Feature Lighting: Some top-end cooker hoods come equipped with traditional halogen downlighters and feature lighting, combining for a stunning kitchen ambience.
  • Protect Property: Even when doing the simplest thing such as steaming vegetables, water particles are released into the air, which can cause wood to rot and metal to rust. Cooker hoods help mitigate these harmful effects.
  • Comfort & Enjoyment: Cooker hoods help to reduce the effects of unpleasant odours and grimy surfaces, improving your overall cooking experience.

Search our online store and select from the best collection of branded cooker hoods in Malaysia today.

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  1. Electrolux EFC926SA Cooker Hood Suction 1400M3Hr
    was MYR3,019.00 Special Price MYR2,094.00
  2. Electrolux EFC935SAR Cooker Hood Suction 1100MHr
    was MYR2,309.00 Special Price MYR1,699.00
  3. Electrolux EFT9516X Cooker Hood 90Cm Ss 550M3Hr
    was MYR959.00 Special Price MYR679.00
  4. Bosch DWB097E50 Cooker Hood 730MH Eco Silence Drive Ss
    was MYR3,099.00 Special Price MYR2,599.00
  5. Electrolux EFS928SA Cooker Hood Extract Suction 1500M3
    was MYR5,089.00 Special Price MYR3,490.00
  6. Elba EH-G9123ST(BK) Cooker Hood 220W Suction 1400M3HHr
    was MYR2,499.00 Special Price MYR1,409.00
  7. Bosch DKE906HMY Cooker Hood Chimney Glass Ss
    was MYR1,799.00 Special Price MYR1,199.00
  8. Electrolux EFC922GAK Cooker Hood Suction 1100W Black
    was MYR1,979.00 Special Price MYR1,349.00
  9. Bosch DEE928PSG Cooker Hood Chimney Suction 1020MH Ss
    was MYR2,299.00 Special Price MYR1,999.00
  10. Fotile EH11 Cooker Hood 90Cm Suction 1080MH
    was MYR2,400.00 Special Price MYR1,920.00
  11. Rinnai RH-C779-SB Chimney Hood 90Cm 1000MH
    was MYR2,267.00 Special Price MYR1,819.00
  12. Elba EH-H9027ST(SS) Cooker Hood
    was MYR999.00 Special Price MYR899.00
  13. Faber LOSSO 90SS Cooker Hood Ss 1200M3H
    was MYR2,360.00 Special Price MYR2,099.00
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