Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer Machine In Malaysia

Due to the unpredictable nature of Malaysian weather, people often think about getting themselves a clothes dryer machine after purchasing a new washing machine. For most working couples, it is a great long-term investment with lots of life enhancing benefits.

You get to decide when and what to dry. A homemaker’s nightmare is struggling to get his or her family prepared for their week or day, only to find that there are still piles of wet clothes. With a clothes dryer machine, you only need to throw your damp clothes in and let it do its magic.

  • Save precious time and energy

  • just pop your wet clothes into the clothes dryer machine and head off to do whatever you want until your load is completely dry. If you’ve done enough manual drying, this is especially beneficial in the long run as you get to take your mind off an extra task for the day.

  • More beautiful and tidy home

  • with a clothes dryer machine quietly tumbling away in a corner, you need not have unsightly washing lines out to dry clothes anymore. This allows you to utilise more space for things that matter more.

  • Never have to worry about the weather

  • Drying clothes will no longer depend on whether the sun is out. When you have a clothes dryer machine, you also have dry, warm clothes any time you want.

  • Remove odour and slight wrinkles

  • a quick tumble in a clothes dryer helps to remove odour from long put away clothes by killing certain fungus and removes light wrinkles on the clothes without ironing.

Search our online store today for the best, branded clothes dryer machines in Malaysia.

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  1. Electrolux EDC804CEWA Condenser Clothes Dryer 8.0Kg
    was MYR3,499.00 Special Price MYR2,499.00
  2. Bosch WTR85V00SG Dryer 8.0Kg Heat Pump 15 Programs
    was MYR5,499.00 Special Price MYR4,099.00
  3. Electrolux EDH903BEWA Heat Pump Clothes Dryer 9.0Kg
    was MYR5,199.00 Special Price MYR3,999.00
  4. Bosch WTA74201SG Dryer 7.0Kg Vented Sensor
    was MYR2,999.00 Special Price MYR1,899.00
  5. Beko DRVS73W Dryer 7.0Kg Vented Sensor Control
    was MYR1,508.00 Special Price MYR1,289.00
  6. Bosch WTE84105GB Dryer 7.0Kg Condenser
    was MYR3,999.00 Special Price MYR2,399.00
  7. Bosch WTB86201SG Dryer 8.0Kg Condenser
    was MYR4,499.00 Special Price MYR2,999.00
  8. Elba ED-686WD Tumble Dryer 6.0Kg
    was MYR1,882.00 Special Price MYR1,279.00
  9. Samsung DV80H4200CW/SP Dryer 8.0Kg Condenser White
    was MYR3,199.00 Special Price MYR2,999.00
  10. Electrolux EDH803BEWA Heat Pump Clothes Dryer 8.0Kg
    was MYR4,499.00 Special Price MYR3,449.00
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