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Washing Machine In Malaysia

TBM is your premier provider of branded washing machines in the Klang Valley, including the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. We offer the best online washing machine sales and promotions in Malaysia.

We retail three types of high-quality, reliable washers - each designed to satisfy a specific niche that caters to a spectrum of lifestyle needs.

The Front Load Washer is the go-to option for placing in tight nooks, especially for homes with limited space like apartments and studios. These washers are known to be more environmentally friendly as they come with water and energy efficiency features, plus, they are gentler on your washing loads.

Our Top Load Washers are highly suitable for family use. These wonder washers are easy to load from the top without requiring you to bend down for extended periods. While they are more affordable than their front-load cousins, the top-loaders boast shorter wash cycles, additional cold wash options and a pausing feature that allows you to add to your washing load mid-cycle.

If multi-functionality is your priority, look no further than the Front Load Washer & Dryer. As its name suggests, this product line is designed for space efficiency and general convenience, offering washing and drying capabilities.

We have most of Kuala Lumpur’s household washing machine brands that are proven to turn dirty linen into fresh laundry. Browse our online store to discover sales offers and special promotions today to buy a washing machine that suits your home.

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  1. Electrolux EWF7525EQWA Washer Fl 7.5Kg 1200Rpm
    was MYR2,079.00 Special Price MYR1,299.00
  2. Electrolux EDC804CEWA Condenser Clothes Dryer 8.0Kg
    was MYR3,499.00 Special Price MYR2,499.00
  3. Lg WD-MD8000WM Washer Fl 8.0Kg
    was MYR2,049.00 Special Price MYR1,499.00
  4. Bosch WTR85V00SG Dryer 8.0Kg Heat Pump 15 Programs
    was MYR5,499.00 Special Price MYR4,099.00
  5. Beko WMY914831 Washer Fl 9.0Kg 1400Rpm Inverter
    was MYR3,099.00 Special Price MYR2,789.00
  6. Electrolux EDH903BEWA Heat Pump Clothes Dryer 9.0Kg
    was MYR5,199.00 Special Price MYR3,999.00
  7. Samsung WA14N6780CV/FQ Washer Tl 14.0Kg Dual Wash
    was MYR2,579.00 Special Price MYR2,099.00
  8. Bosch WAW28420SG Fl Washer 9.0Kg Series 6
    was MYR5,599.00 Special Price MYR3,799.00
  9. Bosch WTA74201SG Dryer 7.0Kg Vented Sensor
    was MYR2,999.00 Special Price MYR1,899.00
  10. Bosch WAW28790IL Washer Fl 9.0Kg 1400Rpm Active Oxygen
    was MYR6,599.00 Special Price MYR5,499.00
  11. Beko DRVS73W Dryer 7.0Kg Vented Sensor Control
    was MYR1,508.00 Special Price MYR1,289.00
  12. Electrolux EWF8025CQWA Washer Fl 8.0Kg 1200Rpm
    was MYR2,629.00 Special Price MYR1,690.00
  13. Beko WMY814831 Washer Fl 8.0Kg 1400Rpm Inverter
    was MYR2,799.00 Special Price MYR2,519.00
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