Hitachi RAS-XH10CKM Inverter Air-Cond 1.0HP R32

Frost Wash (Manual) Air Sleep Timer Refresh Mode Powerful Mode Silent Mode Sensor Dry Operation Up-Down Auto Swing 12-hr Timer Vector DC Inverter Auto Restart Fireproof Electrical Enclosure Anti-Corrosion Green Fin Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing

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Dust and Bacteria Removal

*1Create larger amount of water compared to normal cooling operation.

Long Lasting Hygiene Air

*Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science.

Easy Maintenance

Frost Wash can be operated by a single press of your remote controller.

Manual Frost Wash

Fresh Air, Healthy Life

Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter

The filter is packed with a hybrid coating of Nano Titanium and wasabi solution to realize a powerful air purification effect.


Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter is an optional feature.
Tested by: *3 University Putra Malaysia *4 International Medical University Malaysia *5 Nanopac Testing Lab.

Night Time Comfort

Air Sleep Timer

Once the "Air Sleep Timer" is set, it will shift to silent operation as well as gradually rise set temperature by +2 Celsius in 2 hours by timer control. The operation will stop after designated hours has been past.

Simulation when Air Sleep Timer is Set for 5 Hours

Extra Chilly! Daytime Comfort

Refresh Mode

Auto-Adjust to increase chillness of the wind and reduce sensual humidity for upgraded refreshness.

One-Touch Powerful Mode

A single press of the button for powerful and instant cooling.
Air flow will reach much further to quickly cool the room with max cooling power.

Silent Mode

Silent operation can be selected for your comfort and pleasure.

Energy Saving

A combination of Vector DC Inverter and Air Sleep Mode can cut energy consumption up to 62%* compared to non-inverter models! So you can stay comfortable all day, and save energy at the same time.

Vector DC Inverter smartly operates with maximum power at start-up, then auto-shift to minimum stable operation to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level.

*Hitachi 1.5HP Camera Model (Eco Mode) compared with a 1.5HP non-inverter model (Cooling Mode).

Reliable Operation

Instantaneous Power Failure / Voltage Fluctuation: Non-Stop Cooling Operation.

Power Black Out: Auto Restart at Previous Setting.

Reliable Operation

Instantaneous Power Failure: Non-Stop Operation

If there's an instantaneous power failure (sudden voltage fluctuation), the Vector DC System detects the voltage fluctuation to prevent the air conditioner from stopping due to a current surge.

Power Failure: Auto Restart at Previous Setting

If there's a power blackout, a microcomputer in the Vector DC System memorizes the setting at the time of the blackout, and automatically restarts operation at the same setting after power recovery.


Fireproof Electrical Enclosure

100% metal housing tightly seal the electrical components to ensure safety.

Indoor Unit

Outdoor Unit Anticorrosion Paint

Anti-Rust, Anti-Corrosion Coating

Anti-Rust coating is applied for the outdoor unit casing. Anti-Corrosion coating is applied for the condenser.

Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing

Green-Fin Condenser

Tech Spec

  • Series: Standard Inverter
  • Model:
    Indoor: RAS-XH10CKM
    Outdoor: RAC-XH10CKM
  • Rated Power Supply (Phase, Frequency, Voltage): 1(vowel), 50Hz, 220-230V
  • Cooling Capacity:
    kW : 2.7(0.9-3.3)
    BTU/h : 9,210(3,070-11,260)
  • Energy Star Rating: Meps Label (star): 4 stars
  • CSPF: Wh/Wh: 4.68
  • EER: BTU/h / Watt: 11.51
  • Total Power Input: Watts (min-max) : 800(210-1,190)
  • Total Amperes: A: 4.28 - 4.09
  • Air Flow: m3/min (Powerful/H/M/L/Silent) : 10.5/8.5/7.0/5.0/3.0
  • Indoor Sound Level: dB (Powerfull/H/M/L/Silent): 44/41/32/24/19
  • Outdoor Sound Level: dB: 50
  • Dehumidifying Capacity: I/h: 1.4
  • Maximum Length/Height of piping: m: 20/10
  • Minimum Pipe Length: m : 3
  • Diameter for Liquid / Gas: mm : 6.35/9.52
  • Power Supply: Indoor
  • Net Dimension:
    Indoor (W x H x D, mm): 780 x 280 x 230
    Outdoor (W x H x D, mm) : 658 x 530 x 275
  • Net Weight: Indoor / Outdoor (kg) : 8.0/21
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Key Feature:
    Frost Wash (Manual)
    Air Sleep Timer
    Refresh Mode
    Powerful Mode
    Silent Mode
    Sensor Dry Operation
    Up-Down Auto Swing
    12-hr Timer
    Vector DC Inverter
    Auto Restart
    Fireproof Electrical Enclosure
    Anti-Corrosion Green Fin
    Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing
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Gross Dimension - With Packaging - Height (mm) N/A
Gross Dimension - With Packaging - Width (mm) N/A
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Installation Service Charges

  • 1.0HP - RM230
  • 1.5HP - RM270
  • 2.0HP - RM310
  • 2.5HP - RM370
  • 3.0HP - RM470

What is Included?

Our Standard Installation including up to 10ft copper piping to install air cond. If more than 10ft piping will charge extra costs.

Additional Charge (Directly pay to the installer)

  1. Extra piping will be charged RM20 per foot.
  2. Extra wiring, trunking or conceal work will be charged separately.

Installation Coverage Area

Our installation only cover within KLANG VALLEY area.