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Vacuum Compartment

*Image is for illustrative purposes only.

For Meat, Fish, Dairy and Processed Foods

Hitachi's uniquely designed Vacuum Preservation can achieve approximately 0.8atm capabilities, suppressing oxidation, thus ensuring freshness of food while retaining its nutrients. Furthermore, the airtight structure of the compartment confines moisture inside, thus helping to prevent dehydration of stored food.

*Vacuum means the space where the pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure. The pressure in the Vacuum Compartment is about 0.8atm, which is lower than the atmosphere pressure.

Freshness Preservation with New
Platinum Catalyst

Odor components from meat and fish are broken down by the Platinum Catalyst to generate carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide dissolves in water on the surface of food items to make the surface weakly acidic, which suppresses enzyme strength to minimize loss of freshness.

2 Temperature Zones

Selecting the Vacuum Sub Zero mode for items such as meat, fish and processed food, and the Vacuum Chilled mode setting for items such as vegetables and tofu let you store food without freezing them. This helps to prevent deterioration of flavor and texture due to freezing.

Tested by Hitachi. The effect differs depending on models and conditions.

*K-value is an indication of freshness.

Quick Seasoning

The vacuum compartment removes air from stored food, allowing the seasoning to be absorbed at a faster rate* so that less time is required in food preparation.

*Tested by Hitachi. The effect differs depending on the models and conditions.

Reduces Dehydration in Food

Drying of stored items is reduced. Now you can store opened items and dishes you want to store for a while without the need for troublesome wrapping.

Aero-care Vege Compartment

The Power of Platinum for Vegetables and Fruits

Uniquely designed to maintain freshness and nutrients in vegetables, the Aero-care Vege Compartment puts food under the power of a Platinum Catalyst, producing increased carbon dioxide to control respiration of vegetables and limiting the consumption of nutrients in the environment to prevent loss of freshness.
In addition, the improved airtight seal of the compartment increases humidity, with the Humidity Control unit also releasing excess moisture, vegetables remain in optimal condition, further ensuring they retain their freshness and nutrients.

Platinum Catalyst

Odor components that come into contact with the catalyst are broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

*Image is for illustrative purposes only.

As a Result of Joint Research by Hokkaido University and Hitachi

Highly efficient even at low temperatures, the Platinum Catalyst developed by Hokkaido University breaks down ethylene and odor components inside the refrigerator into carbon dioxide. By maintaining a higher concentration of carbon dioxide than that in the air, Platinum preservation suppresses respiration of vegetables, and the action of enzymes on the surface of meat and fish to retain freshness and nutrients.

Professor Atsushi Fukuoka,
Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University

Optimal Moisture Storage in Vegetable Compartment

Carbon Dioxide + Optimal Humidity

Close the door and the moisture cover acts as a lid over the entire vegetable compartment for improved sealing. Carbon dioxide concentration increases while moisture is kept in, helping to prevent drying. Excess moisture is released outside the case by the moisture unit to maintain the optimum amount of moisture and prevent condensation.

*Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Sustain Freshness and Nutrients with Platinum Catalyst (After Storing for 7 Days in Aero-Care Vege Compartment)

*Tested by Hitachi. Comparison of the Aero-care Vege Compartment in the new model and the Moist Vegetable Compartment (without Platinum Preservation) in the previous model. The effect differs depending on the models and conditions.

Delicious Freezing

Retain All the Natural Goodness of Your Food

Lock in the original colours, textures, flavours and nutritional value of fresh and cooked products with high-velocity freezing!

High Thermal Conductivity to Draw Heat Away Faster

Food placed on the big Delicious Freezing Aluminum Tray chills faster due to the high thermal conductivity of the metal. By quickly going past the maximum ice crystal formation zone where the moisture in food items freezes, the growth of ice crystals will be inhibited, thus keeping food tasting delicious.

*Size comparison between the 914m2 Quick Freezing Aluminium Tray (previous model) and the 2,149m2 Delicious Freezing Aluminium Tray (new model). The effect differs depending on the models and conditions.

Intelligent Temperature Detection for Automatic Freezing Setting

When the Temperature Sensor detects the temperature of hot food on the tray, it will automatically switch the setting and freeze it very quickly*.

Effectiveness of Delicious Freezing

Retains Original Rice Flavour

Less deterioration of food quality.

*Between cooked rice that was stored in the two different freezers for 10 days and thawed thereafter.

*Tested by Hitachi. The effect differs depending on the models and conditions.

Energy Saving

A range of technologies such as Frost Recycling Cooling and Vacuum Insulation Panels, new technologies such as Multi-valve Control have been added to further ensure energy-saving performance.

Hitachi Original Flexible Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)

Large Capacity and Energy Saving

Using the conventional insulation material of urethane foam together with highly efficient vacuum insulation panels enables both large capacity and energy-saving performance.

*The location, shape and number of vacuum insulation panels differs depending on the model.

Hitachi Original Frost Recycling Cooling Technology with Hybrid Defrost

Effective Use of Frost for Cooling

When the compressor isn't operating, frost formed in the condenser when it was operating is used to cool the refrigerator and vegetable compartments. Frost results in energy consumption, but this is reduced by defrosting with heaters. Cooling with frost in the condenser is based on the same principle as cooling with ice.

Convenient Eco Intelligent Control

Cuts power consumption by about 10 - 12% compared to that during regular operation.
(Room temperature of 16 degrees celsius - 32 degrees celsius)*

Save Mode

Indications for Smart Use

Operation Sign

This lights up when operation is comparatively stable. It goes out when there is a heavy load on the refrigerator such as during rapid freezing.

*Tested by Hitachi.

Shelves and Pockets with Adjustable Height

Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves

The heights of 1st and 2nd shelves from the top can be adjusted to match your needs. Also large pots and tall bottles can be stored by changing the layout of height-adjustable shelves on the lower levels.

Pockets with Adjustable Height

Height can be adjusted to two levels depending on the size of the food items.

Freezer Compartment

Large Storage Capacity

Large capacity ready to hold about 5 shopping baskets of food.

*The measurements and rated capacities are based on the R-X730GS using a 22L capacity basket.

Tech Spec

Gross Capacity [L]
  • Total : 722
  • Refrigerator Compartment : 319
  • Vacuum Compartment : 44
  • Vegetable Compartment : 126
  • Ice Compartment : 27
  • Freezer (Upper + Lower) : 206
Storage Capacity [L]
  • Total : 670
  • Refrigerator + Vacuum Compartment : 354
  • Vegetable Compartment : 125
  • Ice Compartment : 21
  • Freezer (Upper + Lower) : 170
Refrigerator Compartment
  • Vacuum Compartment
  • Tempered Glass Shelves
    (Upper Two Shelves)
  • Height Adjustable Pocket/Shelf
Freezer Compartment
  • Delicious Freezing
    (Big-size Aluminum Tray + Auto Sensor)
  • Three-layer Freezer Case and Tall Storage
    (Lower Freezer Compartment)
  • Quick Freezing
  • Low Temperature Freezing Mode
  • Automatic Ice-Maker
Vegetable Compartment Aero-care Vegetable Compartment
  • Tempered Glass Surface
  • Auto Drawer
General Features
  • Triple Deodorisation Filter
  • Frost Recycling Cooling
  • Eco Intelligent Control
  • Smart Lifestyle Memory
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Control Panel (Touch Screen Controller)
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] 825 x 728 x 1833
Body Color Crystal White (XW)


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