Pilot Project on Household E-Waste & Reporting

About 80 to 85% of the e-waste in the world is still discarded in landfills or incinerators. Little do we know that these products contain many forms of hazardous materials which can release certain toxins, i.e. CFC and mercury, into the environment if not discarded properly via the correct channels.

As an effort to resolve unethical disposal of e-waste, the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE) has set up 138 e-waste recovery facilities across the nation, 16 of which are full recovery facilities.  However, there is only a handful of full recovery facilities today that take in household (residential) e-waste due to high processing and logistical costs on top of the huge investments on equipment and technology.

As part and parcel of the local community, TBM is glad that we are able to do something to help. We are committed to become a collection centre of household e-waste, so that we may help you to divert household e-waste to a full recovery facility certified by the DOE. You may dispose mobile devices (i.e. mobile phone and calculator) that are no longer needed at our outlets and we will pass them to the right hands. So much for saving our future generations, TBM has joined the Pilot Project on Household E-Waste collection on November 22, 2017 under the Department of Environment (DOE) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as a collective effort to make an impact to the Malaysian community.

171123-DOE Certification of Appreciation

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