Persatuan Kebajikan Sinar Cahaya Istimewa Kuala Lumpur 

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Persatuan Kebajikan Sinar Cahaya Istimewa Kuala Lumpur (PKSCI) is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) to service and support special needs children, teens and special young adults to reach their full potential and lead meaningful lives.

PKSCI provides day training assistance, job training assistance, social support club and resources and materials library for loan program to help these special needs children, teens and young adults. In addition, PKSCI also provides support group to their parents and caretakers. These comprehensive trainings and supports require not only funds but also human resources hours and volunteers effort. 

To support the organization’s efforts, TBM has donated some items following the Mega Sales event on 13 - 14 October 2013 to support the children’s living and training. We would like to thank all parties who have supported us all the way to make us able to do so.


Shelter Home for Children


Shelter is a registered welfare organization that has been in existence since 1981 to help abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children.

Shelter Home for Children started as a result of the vision of a group of seven friends who wanted to help the children in a squatter settlement along Old Klang Road. They initiated tuition classes so that the children could do better in their studies. 

In time, Shelter established 10 kindergartens in squatter settlements with the first one being in Damansara Dalam (1989). These kindergartens were an effort in helping children from underprivileged homes to have a good start in life. 

As Shelter evaluated the work, they decided to move into a more proactive approach in helping disadvantaged children by being a positive influence on teenagers. Hence they ventured into community youth work among young prisoners in Kajang Prison. There are about 1,000 delinquents in Kajang Prison and Sg. Buloh Prison. They hope to educate, train and help the juveniles to regain their self-respect and integrity so that they can rejoin society at a later date. This is very gratifying work as it requires discipline, commitment and focus to run the social work programmes. 

Besides venturing into youth prison work, they have also initiated a youth community centre known as "DropZone". This is a centre for youths to hang out where the focus is on the personal development of youths through healthy and positive activities.

National Blood Donation Drive

National Blood Donation Drive 2020

TBM co-organized with St. John Ambulance of Malaysia for the National Blood Donation Drive 2020 from 29 - 31 May 2020.

A total of 3,722 bags of blood have been collected throughout the 3 days National Blood Donation Drive at 23 locations nationwide included DPULZE Shopping Centre, Setapak Central, and Central i-City.

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