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  1. Safety Awareness Campaign on SIRIM-ST Approved Electrical Appliances Launched

    Safety Awareness Campaign on SIRIM-ST Approved Electrical Appliances Launched

    Don't Let Faulty Electrical Appliances Disrupt Your Life!
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    Did you know that using uncertified, low-quality electrical & electronic products may result in higher percentage of faulty damages that can cause major inconveniences.
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    That's why... SIRIM is here to ensure that all your items used are tested and ensured for safety.
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    SIRIM has multiple laboratories to test products with high accuracy to ensure safe and high quality products from all manufacturers.
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    Some of these tests include:
    ✅ Temperature Rise Test
    ✅ Leakage Current Test
    ✅ High Voltage Test
    ✅ Abnormal Test
    ✅ Earth Continuity Test
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    All products certified by SIRIM is to prevent risks of:
    ❌ Electric shock
    ❌ Energy related hazards
    ❌ Fire / Heat related hazards
    ❌ Mechanical hazards
    ❌ Radiation / Chemical hazards
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    With that, you can now have peace of mind when you see a SIRIM certified product with the SIRIM logo, meaning the item is safe to use.
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    Be sure to always buy SIRIM-certified products!

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    Aims to Increase Awareness on Importance of SIRIM-ST Labels on Electrical Appliances Amongst Consumers, Manufacturers and Importers

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  2. Bosch Bonanza Giveaway

    Bosch Bonanza Giveaway

    Bosch-nanza Giveaway!

    RM100,000 worth of selected Bosch products and care products to be given away!

    Shop your Bosch appliance at Bosch Brand Store and let us reward you!

    Available now Bosch Brand Shop, TBM JKL
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    *T&C apply
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  3. Ionizer Air Alkali Panasonic Disahkan HALAL

    Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

    Ionizer Air Alkali Panasonic kini disahkan HALAL dan dijamin selamat oleh JAKIM! Alami kuasa Ionizer Air Alkali Panasonic. Minum dengan lebih bersih, selamat dan sihat tanpa ragu-ragu!

    Boleh didapati di TBM

    Beli online

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  4. Discover Dyson air purifiers

    Discover Dyson air purifiers

    Harmful pollutants can build up inside your home, but you can't always see them.

    Dyson Air Purifiers sense and capture 99.5% of ultrafine pollutants, then circulate purified air throughout the whole room.

    Available at TBM
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  5. Dyson Chinese New Year Offer

    Dyson Chinese New Year Offer

    Every reunion is better with Dyson technology during Chinese New Year.

    Available now at TBM
    Purchase online

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