Home Theatre System

Home Theater System In Malaysia

Though it may be convenient enough to watch your favourite movies and TV shows on a television, smartphone or tablet, these common devices do not come close to providing the overall experience of a home theater system. Here are some benefits to owning a home theatre system in Malaysia.

  • Convenient Cinema Experience: You will get the same movie-going experience, minus the hassles. Forget about having to buy movie tickets, worrying about getting good seats, or leaving the comforts of your home—a home theatre system will transform your usual hangout-in-the-living-room to a true cinematic experience.
  • Quality Sound: Enjoy sublime sound and acoustics quality as how they should be. Because the audio component is so important to a viewing experience, home theatre systems take into account the shape of the room, furniture placement and other details to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Immersive Entertainment: Home theatre systems are excellent for movie buffs, but even better for sports and video game enthusiast. It can simulate front row tickets to a sporting event, or being inside a video game.
  • Ambience:  Play background music after a long day or at dinner even without the TV on.
  • Fully Customizable: Design your own theatre experience down to the most minute detail— from screen size to speaker placement—it’s really up to you.

Browse our online store for some of the best home theatre systems in Malaysia.

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  1. Panasonic SC-HTB250GAK Soundbar 120W
    was MYR1,039.00 Special Price MYR699.00
  2. Samsung HW-N450/XM Soundbar
    was MYR1,299.00 Special Price MYR999.00
  3. Samsung HW-N650/XM Soundbar
    was MYR2,599.00 Special Price MYR1,799.00
  4. Panasonic SC-HTB688GAK Sound Bar Hts 3.1Ch
    was MYR1,131.00 Special Price MYR959.00
  5. Samsung HW-N300/XM Soundbar
    was MYR599.00 Special Price MYR399.00
  6. Sharp HTSB110 Soundbar 30W
    was MYR349.00 Special Price MYR299.00
  7. Samsung HW-MS751/XM Sound Bar +
    was MYR3,299.00 Special Price MYR2,499.00
  8. Samsung HW-K350/XM Sound Bar 150 W 2.1Ch
    was MYR699.00 Special Price MYR499.00
  9. Sony MHC-V21D High Power Portable Party System
    was MYR899.00 Special Price MYR859.00
  10. Samsung HW-N400/XM Soundbar Sound Plus
    was MYR1,199.00 Special Price MYR899.00
  11. Samsung HW-M360/XM Sound Bar 2.1Ch 200W
    was MYR899.00 Special Price MYR779.00
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